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Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy is about a 12 year old girl who lives with her mum in London.  She gets sent away to live with her dad in Ireland after having a food fight at school.

After one day at school in Ireland she escapes.  On the way she meets a boy called Kian.  She starts to meet Kian in the night when no one knows.  Kian has a horse called Midnight that he rides on to get to her every night.
Kian's father and uncle come looking for Kian and ask Scarlett where he is but she says she doesn't know who he is.  She tells Kian and apologizes - he says he will have to go back because he ran away when his mother died of cancer and that they can meet at one o' clock to say good bye.
When the summer holidays start Holly (Scarlett's stepsister)  asks Scarlett to pierce her nose but Scarlett says no.  But she gets blackmailed by Holly and agrees.  Holly jumps at the last minute and the pin Scarlett was using slips and makes a hole in Holly's lip.
Holly is taken to hospital and the adults are really disappointed.  The next day, there dad and Holly goes to the dentist.  While they are out Scarlett and Clare (Scarlett's step mum) make soap together.  Scarlett offers to help make the quilt that Clare is making for the baby.  On the way up into the attic to get some fabric for the quilt loud thunder noises and lightning is all they can hear.  On the way down the ladder there is a blackout and Clare screams because she falls off.  Scarlett realises that Clare has gone into labour and goes out to find some help.  She finds two American tourists who drive them to the hospital and let Scarlett use their mobile phone to call her dad to let him know what has happened.
Clare gives birth to a baby girl which she calls Hazel.
Scarlett has won the Royal Mail Award for Scottish children's books in the 7-11 age group.  It reached number 8 in the Ottakars sales chart for children's books in June 2006.



  1. Scarlett sounds like a great book! x

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  3. A great book review, I think it's the best so far x

  4. wow - what a lot of drama for Scarlett! I really enjoyed this review :-)


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