Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dinosaurs - the Triceratops

Yesterday I went to the museum, as you who read my blog regularly will know from my blog post yesterday.

I learnt about all different dinosaurs.  My favourite dinosaur to learn about was the Triceratops.  The Triceratops dinosaur has really big nostrils and small eyes on the side of its head which means it might have lived in an environment that made it difficult to see, maybe it was really foggy or maybe there was dense foliage.  Instead it had really big nostrils to smell the food it needed to eat or perhaps to smell if its enemies were near by.  The Triceratops were herbivores.  I knew this because it has molars, which are for munching up food, such as plants.

The triceratops had a really big head.  I think this was because the Tyrannosaurus Rex tried to eat them.  Scientists found triceratops' bones in Tyrannosaurs Rex's droppings.
The reason the triceratops are called what they are is because they had three horns.

You can see the size of the triceratop's skull behind me

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