Friday, 14 March 2014


Yesterday it was foggier than ever before.  Just completely white!
We managed to take some photos.

Mummy took this photo.  I think it might be the best one.

I did this one.

Daddy did this one.

This photo is lovely.  Of course it is by me!

Daddy did this one.  It is a bit blurry.  :(

Odin can hardly open his eyes because the flash on my camera is so bright!

Lots of cobwebs. 

You can see how foggy it is in this photo!

This shows how foggy it was too.

It almost looked haunted in some places.  It was lovely to be out though.  It was a great opportunity to take lovely pictures.  It is hardly ever foggy here so it was a surprise.  But it also meant that we couldn't go to town.  :(  Some things are good about this fog, others bad.


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