Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Henry, my little brother

Henry is my youngest sibling.  He is so cute.  He pulls the cutest faces!  I love him so, so much.  I actually don't think I could survive without him.

As you can see on the photos above, he pulls funny faces!
I think having siblings is one of the best things anyone can have.  I am so lucky that I have five siblings!  I love each of them so much, which you can read about here.
Henry loves big cuddles & kisses.  He will sometimes do fake crying and then you pick him up and cuddle him and he has a secret smile!  Cheeky monkey!  I sometimes want to cuddle him forever, especially when it is cold and he likes to be everyone's hot water bottle!
I love you lots Henry!  I love all the cuddles and kisses you give me.  I love the way you think I am the second mum.  You are the cutest boy in the world.  I mean it!  I hope when you are older and can read, that you read this post.
                                    Love from your big sister,


  1. I hope he reads this too, he's so lucky to have a wonderful big sister like you x

  2. That is the sweetest post I have ever read, what a creative way to show sibling love. So precious. I love all the pictures and the funny faces.Honey sounds adorable. Thank you ever so much for linking up with Share With Me, I love getting to know more bloggers and your lovely blog. Thank you.

  3. So cute - I'm thinking of baby number 2 and this has made me feel quite excited!

  4. What a lovely post, and such lovely photos, your little brother is very lucky x #ShareWithMe

  5. Ahhh its nice to read about some sibling love :)


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