Saturday, 26 April 2014

How does your garden grow?

This week has been so rainy and miserable so when I get the chance I run outside and take a few photos before it rains again.  Here are some of the photos I have taken while I have had the chance:

I also managed to get a picture of a butterfly!:

Because it has been rainy we have been watching films and having hot chocolates.  It has been quite boring so hopefully the sun will shine a bit more and we can get out and about and do some more!

How has it been were you are? I'd love to hear about it.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Lovely shot with the hand in the moss. I bet that feels great! And lovely butterfly! They usually flutter too fast for me in the garden!

    1. It is the first time I have got a picture of a butterfly! x

  2. That butterfly pic is so fantastic, I love the tulips too.

  3. Love these snots - the butterfly and the mossy one wit the hand especially. I have a big thing for moss, barefooted walking on it is just the best thing ever! Thanks for joining in again - fingers crossed the weather is nicer this week!


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