Monday, 19 May 2014


Imogen is going to be turning eight on the 6th June which isn't long.  She keeps popping up with ideas for her birthday, like where she wants to eat, what presents she wants, what cake she wants and so on.  She is so excited about her birthday.

In this family, when it is about a month away from someones birthday, they don't stop going on about it.  Well, mum and dad don't go on about it but the children do!

Imogen is such a strange girl yet so intelligent, pretty, funny and adorable. When someone has hurt themselves, she will be the one that runs up to you and cuddles you and makes you laugh.  She is the one that loves to be like her big sisters.

Imogen has always and always will be my precious little sister.  Whenever I look at her I see the amazing girl that she is.  She isn't just my sister, she is my best friend too.  We always play together and laugh together.  She is just amazing!

Imogen is even more excited about her birthday now because she has found out the day after her birthday there is a fete in our village.

I hope she has the best birthday she can have.


  1. Oh, this is such a lovely tribute to your sister. Hope she has the best birthday x

  2. What a cute girl! She is so precious x

  3. I think she's a lucky girl to have such a caring sister. Hope that she has a wonderful day! It's a very good day to have a birthday, I'll be having one too that day:-)


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